Project Vision

The project was conceived in 2016 by an informal group of people from Sussex County who had a common desire to create an athletic center in Sussex County which will open to the public for recreation for the young and the "not so young". Unlike Kent and New Castle Counties, Sussex County lacks a recreation center of this scale despite the fact there is increasing demand from a rapidly growing population of both young families and recent retirees. The facility will be located towards the middle of the county so youth sports clubs and the citizens throughout the county would have a convenient place to exercise, socialize, practice, hold games and host tournaments with clubs from the mid-Atlantic region. 

Sandhill Fields will be a park facility with public access for anyone wishing to use it many facilities or just enjoy the open space for a leisurely walk. The fields will be open to the general public during the daylight hours with parking and access free of charge. in addition to eight Bermuda grass fields, Sandhill Fields will offer plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and open space. Given the quality and scale of the facility, it will be a grand bargain for its users and the county. 

Sandhill Fields will be home for many of Sussex County's growing youth and adult athletic clubs. Due to the recent explosion in youth athletics, the County needs a recreational facility of this size and quality. With its success, Sandhill Fields will become home to several of the County's active clubs.


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