What activities will occur at Sandhill Fields?

Sandhill Fields will provide activities and fun for all ages. With 8 regulation sized soccer/lacrosse fields, 6 pickleball courts, 3.5 miles of walking and cross-country trails and ample parking for 350 cars, the park will be an activity hub for the area.

Is there a fee to get into Sandhill Fields?

There will be no fees to get into the Park. Not only are all of the activities free, there will be no fees for parking.

What type of fields will be at Sandhill Fields?

All 8 fields at Sandhill Fields will be Bermuda grass, not turf. Studies show that there are many benefits to natural grass fields.

Will Sandhill Fields benefit the local community?

Yes, Sandhill Fields will hold multi-team tournaments which will provide local hotels, eateries, and shops with patrons and increased revenue.

What are the benefits to grass fields versus turf fields?

  • Grass fields improve air quality, a turfgrass area measuring 2,500 square feet produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. One soccer field can offset the carbon produced by a car driving 3,000 miles.

  • Bermuda Grass is a pollution filter. In 2013, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chesapeake Bay Program panel of experts concluded, based upon a review of extensive research, that a "dense vegetation cover of turfgrass", reduces the pollution and runoff. More precisely, the average soccer field can absorb 50,000 gallons of water before run-off occurs.

  • Environmental heating is reduced by Bermuda Grass. On a hot summer day, a well-maintained grass area will be at least 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than turf. 

  • Sandhill Fields provides additional green spaces which have been shown to improve wellness and reduce stress.

Why the Georgetown location?

Georgetown is conveniently located in Sussex County. 

  • Bethany Beach | 26 miles

  • Bridgeville | 16 miles

  • Dagsboro | 15 miles

  • Laurel | 16 miles

  • Lewes | 14 miles

  • Milford | 18 miles

  • Millsboro | 12 miles

  • Milton | 7 miles

  • Rehoboth Beach | 17 miles

  • Seaford | 16 miles


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