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Weather Policy


The decision to open or close fields (or the entire facility) is made by Sandhill Fields management.

Every effort is made to update the fields status on the web site as soon as the status changes, Facebook, and Instagram. Every effort will be made to get this information out in a reasonable time frame. The status posted using these methods will remain in effect until a new status is posted. For example, if the status is updated announcing that fields are closed, they will remain closed until the status message is changed. You can find the field status on our Home page.

The decision to open or close fields is not necessarily based on the weather at any given moment, but rather on the condition of the fields themselves. After heavy or extended periods of rain, many grass fields often need hours or even a day or two to dry out and become playable. Conversely, there may be occasions when fields will remain open even if it has begun raining, because the fields are not saturated with water.
The primary reason for closing a field or pickleball court is player safety; playing any sport on a field/surface that is muddy and saturated with water is dangerous and poses real risks of injury. 
The secondary reason for closing a field is preservation of the playing surfaces; it only takes a few minutes to do serious damage to a field that is wet and slippery--and it can take weeks or months for a field to recover from such damage.

Typically, the decision to open or close fields is firm but If field conditions worsen after the decision has been posted, it is incumbent upon coaches, the general public, (or referees, if the activity is a game) to cancel any on-field activities. It's not at all unusual for field conditions to be fine when the decision is made to keep fields open, and then have heavy rains make fields unplayable later that same day. In such an event, users are expected to use common sense and cancel on-field activities.

In the event of lightning observed in the vicinity of our complex, all activity on our premises must cease immediately for a period of at least 30 minutes after observed lightning. All individuals present must go to safe shelter in the event of lightning. DO NOT remain on the field, trail, pickleball courts, or in other exposed areas.