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Updated: May 23, 2020

The sun is out and the grass is growing. The buzz around the Sandhill Fields Sports Complex is growing. Here is a sneak-peak of the beautiful complex.

Pictured above is the view from Sandhill Road. There will be plenty of parking for those attending the park.

A circle drive will be a great place for local food trucks to set-up during any event.

Sandhill Fields will be home to 6 pickleball courts. Pickleball is a popular sport in Sussex County and one of the fasting growing sports across the nation.

There will also be an area for youth to play on a beautiful day or to pass time as their siblings participate in a sports activity.

An overview of the entire complex shows the 8 Bermuda Grass fields as well as the area that will be designated for the walking and running paths.

Our excitement is growing as we are getting closer to a beautiful park for Sussex County.

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